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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123


DeviantART Icons
Lin Icon Commission by SpeedXaaa
Random Onigiri Avatar by SpeedXaaa
Prussia Free icon EDITED by SpeedXaaa
Scitt Avatar Commission by SpeedXaaa
Huski Avatar Art Trade by SpeedXaaa
Willow Icon Commission by SpeedXaaa
I'll do pretty much anything you throw at me. =)
Pixel Art
Speckles (Commission) by SpeedXaaa
Corsolini by SpeedXaaa
Weavile Avatar by SpeedXaaa
VanivilleShipping pixel by SpeedXaaa
These are usually somewhere around 100x100 pixels, but could vary in size. For super-detailed pieces, please send me a note first!
Pokemon TCG Pixel-Overs
004--132  Erika's Dragonair by SpeedXaaa
006--132  Lt. Surge's Electabuzz by SpeedXaaa
056--124  Gothorita by SpeedXaaa
032--111  Croconaw by SpeedXaaa
49--149 Keldeo-EX by SpeedXaaa
RC1--RC25 Snivy by SpeedXaaa
These are pixel-overs of what ever Pokemon TCG artwork you ask for. For ones that are super-complex like the Keldeo, you'd usually be paying $10; however, if you order with points, then you can get one of those really detailed babies for only 500 points ($5)!
Hi-Resolution Pokemon Sprite (Small)
Hi-Res BW Tirtouga by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Scraggy by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Joltik by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Victini by SpeedXaaa
I don't really have a specific size range for "small." So if you're unsure, feel free to send me a message!
Hi-Resolution Pokemon Sprite (Medium)
Hi-Res BW Maractus by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Servine by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Sawk by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Audino by SpeedXaaa
I don't really have a specific size range for "medium." So if you're unsure, feel free to send me a message!
Hi-Resolution Pokemon Sprite (Large)
Hi-Res BW Sigilyph by SpeedXaaa
330 Flygon -BW BW2- by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Summer Sawsbuck by SpeedXaaa
Hi-Res BW Alomomola by SpeedXaaa
I don't really have a specific size range for "large." So if you're unsure, feel free to send me a message!

More Awesome Pixel Artists!

If you like my stuff, check out these guys' awesome pixel art! These are listed in no particular order at all.

:iconaltariaking: :iconbadassbill: :iconbananamantis: :iconcreppinatmydoor: :iconcyangmou: :icondomino-cle: :icondrazile12: :iconel-sato: :iconendrasa: :iconerma96: :iconfakemonspriter: :iconflairina: :icongas13: :icongaypuff: :iconghostmetal10: :icongoodlyay: :iconjinndev: :iconjpkeks: :iconkaiseto: :iconkyle-dove: :iconkingofthe-x-roads: :iconlitera-sure: :iconlogiedant-t: :iconmarrionetta: :iconmoonlitwings0: :iconmotorroach: :iconmulczhar: :iconnoscium: :iconoceanscented: :iconordairu: :iconpixelturtle: :iconquanyails: :iconreidyaro: :iconsprite3g: :iconthecynicalpoet: :iconveenerick: :iconvoltali-obscur: :icontimjonsson: :iconwhite--flame: :iconzedotagger: :iconaviculor: :iconjoshr691: :iconinvoluntary-twitch: :iconfuzzball288: :iconlight-fox: :iconhorn-head-o: :iconneslug: :iconinfinipede: :iconneoriceisgood: :iconxiaphearix: :iconschinkenspicker: :icontebited15: :iconrhlpixels: :iconfrario: :iconrenaturnip: :iconfool: :iconsnivy101: :iconskittlefuck: :iconstarturds: :icontopiijo: :iconwillowtruise: :iconkunstberg:

These people are all very inspiring. :>


Commission Information (Points AND Cash!) by SpeedXaaa

Yeah, you heard right! I'm going to start taking commissions now.

I now officially accept DeviantART points for these commissions! Please, though, ONLY REQUEST ONE OF THESE THROUGH MY COMMISSIONS WIDGET ON MY PROFILE!!! Thank you! :D

Please note, though, that the prices are not all 100% set in stone! I may have to increase or decrease a price on a case-by-case basis, based on how detailed / complex the commission will be.

Also, I wanted to keep the options listed as minimal as possible. If you don't see something listed here, it's probably because it can fit under any of these categories! If ever you're unsure, just ask! I don't bite. =P

The 100x100 pixel art icons are especially variable in size and price.


What kind of payment do you accept?
I'm accepting payments through Paypal. I also will take DeviantART points, SO LONG AS IT IS THROUGH MY COMMISSIONS WIDGET.

WHEN do you want me to pay you?
I'm going to do something really similar to what a friend of mine does. Once you've requested the commission, I'll send you a rough sketch and the idea behind what direction I'm wanting to take the commission in; this is where your input comes in! Did I get everything right? Is this the kind of pose you want? I will totally work with you until we get it just how YOU want it to be. After that we can come around and figure out what price would be appropriate. Assuming we're all clear here, I'll finish the line art and send that to you. This is when I'll accept your payment. Once the money has gone through, I'll be able to finish it up!

What kinds of things will you do?
I will give pretty much anything a shot. I need the experience. And yes, that includes mature content. Violence, sex, nudity, whatever. My only nitpick is that I won't do fetish art of absolutely disgusting fetishes...i.e. scat fetishes

So will you take points?

What kind of references do you need?
If it's an OC, an image reference would be best. If you need to send me a written description, however, due to lack of a visual reference, then please just make sure it's detailed enough for me to work off of. Also take into consideration that there's a HIGH risk that my vision of what the character looks like will turn out differently than your vision.

Oh my god that's a lot of money!
This is quite a bargain, actually. Quality work for a pretty cheap price.

Ugh, I hate this! I want a refund!
I don't accept refunds, since I put a lot of hard work into what I do. BUT I will GLADLY work with you to fix things up so that you'll be happy with your commission! =)

I'm interested! What do I do now?
Contact me in any way you'd like to. You can note me, post a comment here, post a comment on my profile, anything! Please remember though that I'll be more responsive if you ask me via DeviantART.


Commission Queue
:iconcelestial-trance: - ~100x100 Pixel Art of this cutie.
  //Progress sent; pending//
:icongameaddict30: - Icon of Sertimus
  //Sketch in-progress//
:iconjunouji: - Pixel art of this character.
:icongameaddict30: - Pixel art of chubby / stuffed Sertimus
:icongameaddict30: - Pixel art of chubby / stuffed Crash

Finished Commissions
Celestial-TranceWillow Icon Commission by SpeedXaaa Lin Icon Commission by SpeedXaaa
RevenemCharizard (Commission) by SpeedXaaa

Thank you so much! Just let me know if you have any further questions! =P
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Terms of Use


Despite outdated Creative Commons license that I've added to older deviations, this rule pretty much applies to anything and everything I post up in the future:

Feel free to redistribute my artwork, edit it, trace over it, recolor it, anything. Just mention my name somewhere.

I also give you permission, that, if you wish to use any character designs I have made that are in my gallery (not including others' character designs. Just my own.), you can freely redraw them and/or make a profit off of ARTWORK including that character design (not the original artwork that I made myself.)
Just asking for some kind of mention, again.

You cannot, however, make a profit off of my artwork itself. I don't care so much about fictional currency, just real money. So if you want to do something with my artwork that you can do with fictional money, go for it!
No Requests by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke


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